Packing List Of Essential Gear For South America


Shirts: Protect yourself from sun, heat and bugs. Choose light colors. Dark shades draw mosquitoes.

T-Shirts: Pack quick-drying, breathable shirts to stay cool.

Rain jacket: Prepare for sudden downpours.

Rain cape: Wear this practical, economical alternative that fits over a backpack.

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Pants: Travel with ease and flexibility in lightweight, fast-drying convertible pants.

Shorts. Pack these ideal travel shorts, loose-fitting, breathable and comfortable.

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Hat: Shade your face from sun with a large brim and a chin strap to secure your hat on Zodiac rides.

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Hiking boots: Walk the jungles in sturdy, comfortable shoes or boots.

Aqua Socks: Protect your feet while near coral and sharp stone beaches.

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Backpack: Free your arms with a lightweight, waterproof pack when going ashore and guarding camera equipment.

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