Packing List Of Essential Gear For Baja California

Tops & Bottoms

Shirts and Shorts: An assortment of pants, shorts, T-shirts, and other casual, mild-weather clothes.

Fleece or Sweatshirt: for cool evenings and air-conditioned interiors.

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Hat: Shade your face from sun with a large brim and a chin strap to secure your hat on Zodiac rides.

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Packs & Travel Bags

Small backpack or rucksack: Also, waterproof bags to keep camera and binoculars dry.

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Binoculars: Compact, high performance binoculars ensure you don’t miss a thing. A pair with at least 10X power and 25mm objective diameter is recommended for scenic and wildlife watching.

Rain Jacket/Poncho: Lightweight rain jacket or rain poncho.

Sun protection: Sunglasses, waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum); insect repellent.

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