Discover the Benefits of Specialized Gifts

As suppliers of gear and amenities to the expedition and adventure cruise industry, we here at Ship to Shore Traveler are encouraged to know that consumers are becoming more aware of what they buy, and the impact their purchases have on the environment. People are increasingly looking for brands and products to play their part in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges. Being passionate about travel and our wondrous world, and because we’ve been paying attention to shifting demands, we are committed to doing our part.

Our portfolio of travel gifts and incentives is always expanding to include products with environmental and social intention. We consider the nature and source of raw materials used in the production process, where products are made, and by whom. Products are carefully curated to be sustainable and represent the natural worlds and local communities visited in our partners’ cruise itineraries.

Respect for the ocean and the planet and its people in general inspire us to also help our shipping partners in their quest to improve sustainability practices. When we worked with a partner to switch to reusable water bottles as an embarkation gift, it meant 56,000 plastic water bottles a year no longer being used and trashing our oceans. Facilitating our partners’ access to collections of intentional gifts and travel incentives is another way of expressing our commitment and authenticity to be a conduit for sustainable practices.

It has always been important to our company to partner with effective organizations that promote responsible business practices. Since 2005 we have given 1% of our net sales to environmental projects approved by 1% For the Planet, supporting organizations such as the Alaska Raptor Center, the Sumatran Orangutan society, South Georgia Heritage Trust and Save the Albatross.

Making informed choices and offering sustainable gifts and travel incentives, means everyone benefits - our environment, the communities visited, our industry partners, and finally their traveling guest who values being included in this chain of good.