Look no further! Our experts, well-versed in polar expedition travel, have separated the wheat from the chaff to eliminate your guesswork. Be it trekking poles or a duffel you seek, rest assured we have the right polar accessories for your voyage.


$54.00 Liberate your hands with this three-point sling pack while gaining the support of a daypack.

Black Hole Duffel 60L

$119.00 Carry dry expedition gear easily ashore with this waterproof duffel.

Insect Net - Head

$12.95 Keep the bugs at bay with this tightly woven head net.

Rain Cape

$59.95 The Rain Cape offers full coverage for you and your pack in a downpour.

Black Hole Duffel Wheeled 40L

$299.00 Travel well with this clever, multifunctional, weatherproof gear bag.

FYX 9 Bag

$139 Compact size, stylish travel bag. Combines technical outdoor functionality with comfort and durability.

Black Hole Duffel Wheeled 70L

$329. The perfect mid-size weatherproof rolling duffel.

Dry Summit Pack LT

$79. Waterproof minimalist size. Pefect to keep your camera and binoculars safe during Zodiac rides.

Isolation Pack LT

$47. Great little backpack. Ultra lighweight, durable and water resistant.

Leak-proof/Seal-proof bags Multi-pack

$14.99 Keep your critical gear dry even in the worst conditions.

Aculon A211 8x42 Binocular

$89.95 High quality binoculars at a reasonable price.

Monarch 7 8x42 Binocular

$479.95 These high-end binoculars are an investment in unparalleled quality.

Foot Warmer Insoles

$3.99 Comfort your feet for over five hours with these warmers.

Hand Warmers

$1.99 Air activated warmers for the hands providing 7+ hours of soothing warmth.

PSI Band

$14.99 Find relief from sea sickness with this time-honored remedy.

Carbon Power Lock Trekking Poles

$140.00 Rely on these ultralight poles with a powerlock mechanism.

Nikwax Polarproof

$12.00 Guard fleece garments from water with Polarproof.

Nikwax Downproof

$12.00 Add water repellency to down and shell fabrics of down-filled items.

Nikwax TX-Direct

$9.00 Restore water repellency to your outerwear garments.

Nikwax Tech Wash

$6.00 Clean outerwear safely with this non-detergent soap.