Packing List Of Essential Gear

Rain Wear

Rain jacket: Packable, lightweight, waterproof rain jacket. The fabric should be breathable so that moisture from your body can escape. Pack this piece in your hand luggage so that you have a windbreaker ready when you deplane. A rain poncho is an economical and practical alternative to a rain jacket.

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Rain poncho/cape: Ideal for rainy climates, the rain ponch, or rain cape, covers you and your backpack in a downpour.

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Waterproof pants: Breathable and wide enough to fit over boots. Knee-high side zippers are preferred so you can get your boots on and off easily. Buy a size larger than your base layer to ensure you are comfortable sitting in the Zodiac with one or two layers under your pants.

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Active Wear

Light-weight loft jacket or vest: The loft traps heat with remarkable efficiency, even when wet. It is feather light and compacts for easy packing. Loft garments are water repellent and windproof and double as outerwear in mild weather. Fleece is also an insulation layer option but it tends to bunch up when worn with layers..

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Shirts and T-shirts: Due to the unpredictable weather, pack t-shirts that you can wear under your shirt as a layer for extra warmth or by itself. Select shirts that are lightweight, wick moisture and come with UPF sun protection and/or insect repellent.

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Pants: In variable climates it is best to pack long, lightweight and fast drying pants and shorts. Or, to lighten your luggage choose pants that zip off to create shorts.

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Expedition stretch top and bottoms: This lightweight layer will keep you warm on chilly days. Warmth and flexibility are important for comfort when sitting in Zodiacs. Expedition stretch tops and bottoms are flexible. The legs taper to fit into boots.

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Boots: If your expedition includes Zodiac landings you will need flexible, pull-on boots with sturdy soles. As you will step into cold water during Zodiac landings, boots are essential and must be at least mid-calf high (12-15 inches / 30.5-38 cm in height). If no Zodiac landings are included in the itinerary hiking boots or walking shoes are sufficient.

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Socks: Socks made of wool or wool blend that cushion the feet well and wick moisture.

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Gloves: Windproof gloves that dry quickly or are made of neoprene.

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Backpack: Lightweight and water-proof backpack for carrying items ashore and keeping your arms free for embarking/ disembarking the Zodiacs. If you have a lot of camera equipment and do not intend to use plastic seal-proof bags, pack a waterproof backpack.

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Umbrella: Lightweight and collapsible. A must if you do not have a hooded jacket or rain poncho.

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Trekking poles: A lightweight, collapsible, walking staff (also called a trekking pole) provides a sense of security, increased balance, and confidence when walking on slippery, muddy terrain.

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Also recommended: A pair of good sunglasses with U.V. filter protection and protective lotion for lips, hands and face.

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