A Sustainable Choice

We are always looking for ways to provide better service to our clients, make things run more efficiently and move in a more sustainable direction. Sometimes, these intersect and it is a win, win ... win.

Such is the case with our Ushuaia Boot Rental Service.

We knew, from years of working on ships in Antarctica, that people often buy boots to wear in Antarctica, but then leave them on the ship. Boots are heavy and clients often do not need them at home. The boots are what we call a one-time-use product.

We thought there must be a better way... Why not offer boot rental in Ushuaia? Unlike other outfitters, we had the infrastructure and support in Ushuaia to make it happen.

We did an analysis to figure out the amount of carbon/fuel used to ship boots individually to each client's home versus shipping directly to Ushuaia and renting boots to clients and were amazed by how much fuel/carbon we saved. This did not even factor in the manufacturing.

To us, it became obvious that renting boots versus selling boots made perfect sense for clients who would likely not wear the boots again at home.

The Win, Win ... Win Of Renting Boots

  • Less luggage.

    Boots are heavy and take up lots of your allowed checked luggage weight.
  • Convenience.

    Free boot delivery to the ship through our Concierge Service.
  • Sustainable choice.

    Renting boots is a smart environmental choice if you will likely not wear them again. The drastic savings in fuel and carbon is seen below... Both the Reduce & Reuse part of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' are implemented.
  • The Fine Print

    We calculated the boot purchase and boot rental programs carbon footprint based on fuel consumption for miles, method, and associated CO2 generated for each ton / mile traveled. All calculations take into account quantities transported, package weight, destinations and mode of transportation. This only covers fuel used in travel and does not factor in manufacturing which would drastically increases results.

    Carbon calculations for Ship to Shore Traveler Boot Rental Program were calculated by Greg Osterloh, president of Opis Technologies, LLC, an alternative energy company based in the Pacific Northwest.

    Sources for CO2 miles for shipping come from timeforchange.org and carbonfund.org.

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