$10 Donation For Every Destination Package Purchased

5 Gyres: Helping to Restore Healthy, Plastic-Free Oceans

5 Gyres began with a mission to scale research, awareness and solutions to plastic pollution globally. The organization conducts research on all five oceanic gyres (circular ocean current) and the Great Lakes.

Since 2009 5 Gyres has had amazing impact against plastic pollution in our waters:

  • Launched 16 ocean research expeditions, obtaining groundbreaking plastic pollution data.
  • Passed the first state microbead legislation.
  • Restored habitat with international beach clean ups.
  • Educated millions about the dangers of plastic pollution.
  • Coordinated a campaign to ban single use plastic bags in 5 states
  • Co-sponsored a national microbead bill.
  • Pressured 4 major parent cosmetic companies into phasing out microbeads from their products.
  • Created an international Youth Summit, inspiring the next generation of plastic fighters.
  • Engaged 100,000 people in reinstating the National Parks' ban of bottled water.

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Alaska Destination Package Donation

The Alaska Raptor Center is a raptor rehabilitation center dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild birds, education, and research. Each year we see between 100 and 200 wild birds, with Bald Eagles being our specialty. Education programs are done on site. Located on 17 acres of forested land in the Tongass National Forest we house educational habitats as well as a state-of-the-art bald eagle flight-training center. Resident birds include eagles, hawks, owls and falcons.

Donations from Alaska packages purchased help to provide:

  • Care and treatment of more than 200 sick and injured raptors each year
  • Raptor education programs for thousands of children and adults nationwide
  • Specialized training in raptor medicine, surgery, and rehabilitation
  • Ongoing research and conservation efforts on behalf of birds of prey and other avian species

Visit the Alaska Raptor Center website