Inch     cm Men's Boot Size UK/Australia
Men's Conversion
9 1/3 23.7 6 5 38.1
9 2/3 24.6 7 6 39.4
10 25.4 8 7 40.6
10 1/3 26.2 9 8 41.9
10 2/3 27.1 10 9 43.2
11 27.9 11 10 44.5
11 1/3 28.8 12 11 45.7
11 2/3 29.6 13 12 47
12 30.5 14 13 48.3

Generally, you should choose a boot size that is one size larger than your athletic/sports/ shoe size (note: not your shoe size, your athletic sports shoe size as shoes and athletic sports shoes are sized differently).
Boots are available in whole sizes only.

Measuring your feet is the only reliable way of selecting the correct size boot because boot and shoe sizes vary by manufacturer.

Follow these simple instructions and refer to the table for your correct boot size. What you will need to measure your foot:

1. Sheet of paper on which to trace an outline of your foot
2. Pencil
3. Measuring tape or ruler
4. Socks (and sock liners) that you will wear with your boots.

Follow these steps:
1. Stand or sit in a chair with your foot very firmly placed on a piece of paper large enough to make a tracing around the whole foot.
Your leg should be tilted slightly forward so it will not interfere with the pencil as you trace around your heel.
2. Trace an outline of the foot with a pencil held perpendicular to the paper at all times. Ensure that the pencil is held snug against the foot during the tracing.
3. Reference the size chart for the best fit.

Left and right feet differ in size slightly. Take the measurement of the larger foot.
It is always best to buy a size larger and wear an extra pair of socks than to have a boot that is too small.