Ship to Shore Traveler Testimonials

Tim Soper EYOS - Expedition Yacht Operations & Services

Thank you so much again for your help in getting our gang outfitted properly, and of course our excellent uniforms! Seriously, they loved their custom hats, parkas, and the boots (did Rob tell you that one of the group wore his all the way home from KGI to LA!). The gear was ideal, so thanks for all the time you put in with them before the trip. The voyage was a huge success, and we are hopefully that this will be the first of many EYOS expeditions!

Tim Soper
EYOS Expedition Yacht Operations & Services

The boots worked out perfectly as did the other gear I purchased from you. I am usually reluctant to purchase something online or by phone that requires sizing but the base layer and water proof gloves also worked out perfectly! All fit well and I was nice and warm and dry! Thanks for your help.

Everything I got from you was excellent. By the way, for boots I decided to take the boots I have used on my wooden-decked sailboat instead of the boots in your catalog. I thought I would tell you that this was a mistake because one really needs the bigger tread of the boots you recommend for the shore work on the trip. So if anyone else suggests doing what I did, you can tell them what my experience was, and they should buy your boots instead....Again, many thanks for all your good help. recommended Ship to Shore as the place to go for our Antarctica gear. That was an unbelievable experience. I got everything I needed, and when something wasn't available, reps called to discuss optional sizes, and colors. It was like they were our personal attendants. Talk about awesome customer service. I can't think of any way to improve it. We felt well prepared for our trip.

Allan and Terri, Omaha, Nebraska

Thank you very, very much for your support in getting us the 4 parkas on such short notice. We are very much looking forward to this trip, and your experience based on so many trips makes us even more excited!

Peter, Germany

We just received our boots and they are great! They are just the right size and are very high quality for the price. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks!

Liz, Houston, Texas

Thank you for all of your help in gearing us up! Your product is awesome and the web site is so easy to negotiate.

Roslyn, Florida

Everything arrived, fits great and is terrific. Thanks for all the help. If my trip is as painless as ordering gear with you, it will be a very efficient and fulfilling experience.

Jed, New York

When we returned home from Seatac Airport last night the expedition kit was waiting for us! Despite the hour and being a bit pooped from the long day we dove into the box to check its contents. Janie is absolutely thrilled with her new "outfit" .... Thanks for the quick service and the quality equipment.

John and Jane, Seattle, Washington

Thanks so much for outfitting our family. We had the trip of a lifetime. The girls loved their parkas so much they did not want to take them off, even when they were on board the ship!

Helene, Seattle, Washington

Just a quick note to say how good your stuff was. I expected the waders to be good (which they were) but your nano fleece, fleece and leggings were fantastic. Despite gruesome weather in Russia I was never cold. Pity they couldn't do anything about the fishing!

Madagascar was fun, strange place full of amazing flora and fauna especially in the rain forests. It also has some lovely beaches etc. which were totally unspoiled. No doubt you have been there as you have been everywhere.

Mike Fletcher, London, United Kingdom

This is our first tour with A & K and if you are an example of the level of hospitality they provide then I know we will have a fantastic experience. Your obvious passion for Antarctica is thrilling and you really have sparked our enthusiasm again.

Kim and Graham
Sydney, Australia

Thanks so much and to you [Linda] and Elizabeth. I appreciate your help, time and professionalism.

Nancy Kolligian

“..I was late figuring out that boot rental would be so much easier and more practical, and I am relieved it worked out! Elizabeth has been awesome helping me. And thank you so much too. I'm sorry if my lateness inconvenienced your business. I surely appreciate your efforts and being able to do this.”

C. Alois
Fort Worth, Texas